How I apply Theonlyskincare™

Hi, I don't usually sit around my apartment in a towel, but today I want to show you how I apply TheOnlyWash™ and TheOnlyLotion™.

I've noticed that people have all these different ways of applying skincare and different routines.  I madeTheOnlySkincare™ to be very simple with a very simple application.

After I took my bath using TheOnlyWash™, a creamy, foamy cleanser on my face and my body, I follow it with TheOnlyLotion™.  

I put a couple pumps on my hands and gently and thoroughly pat all around my eye area, under my brow bone, and than upward strokes on my forehead.  I follow my face with my neck and chest. A couple more pumps and put it on my arms, middle part of my body, and legs .  It will help to fade dark spots because of the natural retinol in it and you want healthy and gorgeous skin all over.

And then at night time, I actually just do my upper body. I'm too lazy to do my whole body, but that's what it's meant for, for healthy younger looking skin from head to to.