I knew it was possible!!!


I knew it was possible to create a skincare line that could multitask on different parts of the body. If L-Carnatine can lift the skin on your neck, why can’t it lift the skin on your thighs?” I asked myself. I started developing the products in the kitchen, and eventually shared the creations other family and clients, to test the products effectiveness on a wide range of skin types and variables. After such a positive response from the test group, we knew we were on to something that has never been done before!

I started a long and tiring search for a chemist who could grasp the idea of combining all of the effective luxury skincare ingredients into 1 product, that were smart, effective and gentle enough for every part of the body. Surprisingly, working with a chemist in the Northeast led us back to the Northwest, in particular Soap Lake – the legendary, deep blue mineral lake east of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State, where SMC, the key ingredient in the TheOnlySkin line, was born.

This innovation and advancement in skincare technology is the result of our long search for an easy yet effective, total body skincare regimen that does not require the use of numerous cleaners, moisturizers, toners, and serums to achieve the desired results. The line is also very affordable because you now ONLY need 3 products instead of several, for the same, if not better results.

I believe that all women deserve a bit of luxury everyday, in the form of superior but affordable skincare, that produce visible long-lasting results, “Alternative Luxury”, of which the “TheOnlySkincare’ line provides.