Theonlyskincare - micro-dosing

There’s no disputing that active ingredients such as retinol, CoQ10, and acids in skincare can do wonders for the skin.  Often with these active ingredients, it’s very easy to overdose which can cause damage and discomfort to your skin.

Micro-dosing essentially is using these active ingredients and not triggering damage to your skin. Simply put, micro-dosing is adopting a more precise, measured approach to the delivery of the active ingredients that have a tendency to cause skin sensitivity or other adverse reactions. 

Using the science behind micro-dosing, theonlyskincare is formulated to take advantage of these benefits.  Our delivery system acts as a measured approach to the active ingredients.  

When used twice a day to deliver a skincare routine with all the active ingredients while saving you time in your daily routine.  Like Rory says, “one wash, one lotion, twice a day, theonlyskincare”.