Why L-Carnitine in skincare?

I am always asked about why we included this or that.  

I thought I'd start discussing the why's...  

Theonlylotion has very high levels of L-Carnitine to feed your skin while aiding in anti aging properties.  The L-Carnitine works in synergistically with the other ingredients in Theonlylotion to exfoliate and tighten the skin without depleting it of a nutrient source.  It leaves your skin smooth, silky and appearing young.


It is know as a phenomenal antioxidant and is used often in cosmetics as an exfoliant.  The body uses L-Carnitine readily for a plethora of cellular functions; ranging from mitochondrial energy synthesis to brain and muscle integrity.

L-Carnitine is a quaternary ammonium compound involved with the metabolism of most things in our body.  Our bodies produce it in the brain, liver, and kidneys and assists our body to turn fat into energy. L-Carnitine is important for heart and brain function, muscle movement, and many other of our bodies processes.

Being an enantiomer that is biologically active from Carntine, it is naturally produced by the body using two of the natural 20 amino acids, Lysine and Methionine.