At last! Here it is!

We have always been devoted to our family and our careers, but almost above all, the quest for flawless skin. From back in the days when Rose was a teenager helping out in the salon, we sought and gave beauty tips to our clients and each other.  Helping people look and feel beautiful was always the goal.

Rose went on to acting, while my salon business continued to grow, but we always focused on keeping the family close while continuing the quest to find beauty products for flawless skin.  After years of professional and personal experience with  tons of beauty products (face creams, eye creams, beauty serums, stuff for your neck, hands, and yes, even special creams for the décolleté), our lives were too busy to maintain complicated beauty regimes. We realized there had to be an alternative.  

What we wanted was an affordable, practical solution that didn't compromise luxury or quality.  Something that made our skin look like it belonged on the big screen. 

What put our products over the top was in our own "backyard"; the healing waters of Soap Lake in Washington state.  People, including the United States Army, have taken to the waters for over a century; so amazing are its properties. They've gone to benefit from the lake's healing minerals that restore and heal the skin.  Our chemist mimicked the mineral complex and filed a patent on it. This is just a part of the unique chemistry behind our answer for a simple and effective system of beauty care.  

We created ONE wash for the face and ONE lotion for the body.  THE ONLY Wash removes makeup and cleanses the body.  Full of hydrating and anti-aging properties, this is the simple solution we have been looking for, combining our knowledge, research and passion for great skin (and of course leaving out all the bad ingredients so common to beauty products.)

Our powerhouse, our pride and joy, The ONLY Lotion, contains everything you need for your face, neck and allover body beauty; even under your eyes!  ONE lotion for everything. 

We didn’t stop there.  We love our makeup right? We made ours with skincare in mind! THE ONLY makeup has  THE ONLY LOTION's hydrating and anti-aging qualities, but it's time release! Plus, you can layer it for more or less coverage. 

If you want the luxurious, movie star skin with least amount of products, The Only line is for you.   So, go ahead..  be The Only.


Rory and Rose