My Story

Rory McGowan

Rory McGowan, the visionary founder of TheOnlySkincare™, brings over 25 years of unparalleled expertise and a profound commitment to enhancing beauty in the realm of skincare and haircare. As a distinguished professional in the beauty industry, Rory's journey began as a hair and skincare specialist, gradually evolving into the proud owner of Coupe Rokei, a premier salon nestled in the vibrant heart of Seattle, Washington.

With a remarkable career marked by unwavering dedication and a keen understanding of her clients' diverse needs, Rory has emerged as a luminary in the beauty industry. Her success as a salon owner and editorial artist attests to her exceptional skills and innovative approach. Through the years, Rory's passion for cultivating radiant, healthy skin has remained a driving force behind her work.

The inception of TheOnlySkincare™ is a testament to Rory's relentless pursuit of excellence in skincare. Fueled by her deep-rooted commitment to providing effective solutions, she has channeled her extensive experience into crafting a skincare line that transcends traditional boundaries. TheOnlySkincare™ stands out for its transformative impact on the appearance of skin throughout the body, offering a streamlined application process that is both simple and remarkably powerful.

Rory's vision for TheOnlySkincare™ revolves around simplicity and efficacy. Her formulations are a culmination of years of hands-on experience, coupled with a keen awareness of evolving beauty trends. The result is a skincare range that goes beyond conventional norms, delivering visible improvements with unparalleled ease.

As a thought leader in the beauty industry, Rory McGowan not only understands the intricacies of skincare but also embraces a holistic approach to beauty. Her ethos is reflected in TheOnlySkincare™, where each product is designed to complement the natural beauty of every individual. Rory envisions a world where skincare is not just a routine but a transformative experience, and TheOnlySkincare™ is the embodiment of that vision.

Rory's journey from a seasoned beauty professional to the founder of TheOnlySkincare™ is a testament to her enduring passion for elevating beauty standards. Her innovative products resonate with a diverse audience, making skincare a seamless and rewarding part of their self-care rituals. With TheOnlySkincare™, Rory McGowan continues to shape the future of beauty, one radiant and revitalized skin at a time.